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SA Update to version
Quality detalization on the wideband signals.
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SA Update to version

Rise in detalization on the wideband signals.

The main difference of this version from all previous versions, is the new algorithm of drawing/calculation of a spectrum in the window of mapping.

This problem, which we have solved, is known for a long time to us, but on relatively narrow-band signals it had no essential value.

Active SA usage for analysis of wideband signals and records, basically it is I/Q records from various complexes, has shown, that the risk to skip or not to notice features or the interesting moments, is great enough. The current update reduce this risk almost to zero. Anyway, in this case, it is easier to show, than to tell what and how has varied and in what side.

The arrows show the places of the essential differences(not all ofcourse). Especially I would like to mark that, this new drawing algorithm, solves wide number of problems everywhere, where the spectrum is displayed. Now all lines, details and the common nuances of record/signal will be displayed, independently of sonorgam's size.

In version

- the algorithm of graphics drawing in Phase Plane module is changed
- the values of FFT block are synchronized with the window , from which this module is called/launched
- the mode of complete/full spectrum showing is turned ON by default
- the limit of loaded into SA files is increased to ~150 megabytes.

The various problems both small, and rather serious, are solved. These problems were detected by users and a beta testers. In particular, in the previous version two minor problems, were detected and solved.

Good luck.


Sometimes people ask us, why the versions folow each other not consistently?

In reality, all updates are always going throught internal tests, and it is very often, that already at this stage of testing, the version "dies" before birth, and there is changing of the versions is happen. There is nothing unusual in it, it is usual process. Internal testing does not guarantee skip of errors. We express huge gratitude to all users and beta-testers.
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