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SA updating to version
Plane updates, the very stability revision
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SA updating to version

In version the number of radical updates is realized. One of the new feature is the ability of reffer as "read only" to resource, where the analyzed file is located.

All SA versions work only with a copy of the original record, it was made with the purpose to guarantee safity of original record, in case of force majeures. But, in old versions the copy had been created in the same place, where the original record was located. Thus, the direct work with the records, which are located on CD, flash disk or network resource was too slow or even impossible.

The problem is solved in the current update, now the copy is created in the own SA "Temp" directory.

Since, sometimes it is extremely desirable to see the full path to initial file, this path is specified in the Status Bar of the main window.

The path to the initial file is specified for active window, or, for the window, over which the cursor is placed. In the working windows, the relative path to copies, with which SA works, is specified.

Another serious enough, but outwardly not very noticable changes:

- the algorithm of the graphics displaing/mapping in WF module is optimised: speed is increased in several times, althought on the fast computers it may be not so noticable, but on the weak ones, especially in a fullscreen mode the difference is very essential.

- the operation/work of the semi-automatic corrector is optimised: the algorithm is refreshed. Earlier on the fragments, where the signal is absent the proofer simply stopped, now it is fixed. Precision of correction is increased.

- The various collisions which could be called by operations of user are removed. For example, earlier, in WF module or VMW the automatic increasing/reduction of the graphic's scale at moving of the cursor and pressed on mouse button at the same time, would led to uncontrolled process.

- some minor moments are solved.

Good luck.
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