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SA update to version
Function Auto Define/Detect Parameters - ADP
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SA update to version

In version function ADP - Autodetection of Parameters of a signal is announced. We added this function for the several reasons. In the first, it is well-known to that presence of this function will strongly please and attract some part of users :-). In the second, the task is extremely difficult and therefore is very interesting, well and in the third, there is the big desire to release an analyst from routine operations at the analysis.

At once should tell that the automation will not substitute and cannot make a competition to the skilled analyst. In this sense it is not necessary to create the big illusions about automation, there always will be the signals, which will demand an absolutely not standard approach and which will stump any automation. As well, since we only started development in the field of autodetection of parametres, it is not necessary to expect at once very amazing results, it is very serious sphere, and we have lot of work in this sphere. We have decided to start with small: From definition of speed of manipulation, as the speed of manipulation is one of the key moments in analysis.

Current implementation of ADP, works primitively enough, at the level of an average-skilled analyst, and solves only tasks of definition of the speed of manipulation. Further we plan to well expand quantity of auto-detected parametres and the reliability of definition. With this start implementation of ADP we designate one of main directions, in which we are going to work and develop SA.

It is simple enough to launch ADP: you only need select signal's area with horizontal and vertical markers. Horizontal markers set/limit the signal's bar by frequency, and vertical markers set the time-segment. Certainly the interval of time should not be very short and or too long. In the first case it is not possible to receive exact value of frequency of manipulation or even impossible to measure it at all, in the second case too much time can be demanded. Standardly it is desirable to have the time-segment not less than 1 second and not more than 10-20sec, but depends of sampling rate and features of the signal, there is a lot of nuances.


Some minor problems detected by users and beta-testers are solved. We would like to express much thanks for it to users and beta-testers.

I would like to remind once again, that ADP don't give 100% guarantees yet.
Alhought ADP alghorytm successfully solves it's tasks in most cases on rather simple signals.

Good luck.
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