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SA update to version v

At prepearing description of signal ROSMODEM two problems were detected.

The first one is - a maximum fragment of a signal, on which the histogram is constructing, is too short for qualitative visualisation.

The second is - the method of construction of the histogram is not enought successful.

The maximum size of a fragment is limited by the value 30-50 kilobyte, these are echoes of the very old not optimised solutions in SA, current SA implementation allows to lift easily enough this boundary to 1-2Mb values, but unfortunly this moment was missed. In this version this error is corrected.

The second problem can't be solved 100 % ideally, but nevertheless, rationing of the whole histogram, allows to receive much more clear better picture of allocation of frequencies and levels, as all lines are visible always completely.

The difference in images is obvious enough and does not demand any remarks.

Actually this is not planned express update. We have in our plans automatic or half-automatic detection both frequency spacing, and freqeuncy quantities, but searches of universal reliable solution can take it's not short time.

Good Luck~
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