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SA Update to version v

About one or two half months ago, at studying of possibilities of WaveLet conversion, an idea of essential lowering of the common noise level on records has appeared, and recenlty we got an ability to realise this idea in the form of working algorithm.

Conditionally we have named it HRes(HighResolution). Here is comparative screenshots.

Ofcourse, this is relative increasing of resolution quality, but the task of decreasing of the common noise level and selection of spectral lines is rather effectively solved. We see perspective enough application of this algorithm at processing of speech waveforms, signals FSK/MFSK and in automation parameters definition.

We cannot recommend to use this function always, because high detailing of spectra, frequently discourages by an abundance of details more likely, than really helps. But the given method is irreplaceable at the tasks of search of lines of clock frequencies and/or studying of harmonics of a signal, purely these are part of the primary goals of this algorithm and one of the reasons of its development.

The algorithm demands enought resourses, it is recommended to disable HRes at navigation on file, though it is not always notable, but sometimes it can become slow enought. For the same reason, by default this function is switched off.

Good luck~
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