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Update SA to version v

Three new elements are added:

1. In the module of form viewer: median filter had been replaced by new RRC filter. By default alpha = 0.5

2. RRC filter is also added in the module of FSK-2 demodulator.Alpha=0.5 by default. If RRC filter is in OFF state, then the filter, which is analogous to the main filter, works in the signal's form viewer module.

3. The following elements are added in the module of FSK-2 demodulator:

1 - elements of image vertical scaling
2 - an indicator of filtration process
3 - the buttons of filtration start and back into initial state.
4 - the cutoff range(frequency) in RRC filter can be specified from 5 Hz to Fd/2 Hz. where Hd is sampling rate. In usual(special, soft) filter cutoff range can be specified only from 30Hz to Fd/3, in the force of realization specifications.

Special attention is focused on saving of signal's phase before filtration and after filtration. The phase do not change guaranteed.

Also some minor bugs, which had been found by users, are correct.

Good Luck~
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