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Modification module VMW, fixed errors.
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Update SA to version v

In this version, we fixed an error in the function of BRC (Baud Rate Correction) discovered by users, and introduce/added a two modifications.

The first.

Sometimes, it is easier to work with a relative or even abstract concepts, because no matter the specific values, but important that they fit into a certain framework. This applies to the oversampling and shifting of signal by frequency.

Usually, it is required that a signal was in the middle of the spectrum, and the sampling frequency was not much excess.

In this version You can select the frequency shift or frequency oversampling, just selecting the desired point from the list. In some cases, it greatly reduces the time and effort. Possibility of manual input for precise actions, of course, also saved.

The second

VMW module can potentially provide extremely high accuracy, at the request of Spanish colleagues, we insert in the current update stroboscopic method of measurements.

The idea is that, if the data in the record is sufficient, You can get very precise parameters of the signals.

However, there are problems, large amounts of data require very large computing and time.

Given the characteristics of the module VMW, we just calculate and output to display every 1 st, 2 nd, 4 th etc lines/rows in the visualization VMW. For all the simplicity and elegance of this method, it provides exellent/perfectly accuracy of measurement.

This is one of the realizations of the stroboscopic measurement method. And like all such methods, it provides increased accuracy with increasing period gating, in this case by rows.

In the screenshot above, perfectly clear that the old method to accurately measure the period of the sine (exactly 1000 Hz) is extremely difficult, error of 20 nanoseconds is not noticeable. In really, an error and in 100 nanoseconds is very difficult to visually detect the slope of the lines is enough small.

A new method for gating each 1024 lines, clearly and accurately detect the difference in a one nanosecond! Actually the accuracy is increased compared with the first/old method in 1024 times.

Need to be cautious, as stroboscopic methods for periodic signals may give a false and sometimes very misleading results, due to skip of parts of signal. To prevent this, You should always start measuring without gating. And gradually increasing the accuracy to measurement via of gating.

Good Luck~
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