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Updating SA to the version v

Users find out two problems.

The first problem. Sometimes, at the call of WF viewer, in the opened window, the part of a nonexistent fragment of the signal is displayed, usually, in the end.

The second. After registration is done. At the start of already registered version, the registration window keep constantly appear at each program opening.

Both problems were being happen rare enough. The last problem, in general, had been found out only in one case.

Nevertheless, if the user will be sending the detailed, step-by-step mechanism of occurrence/occurrence of the problem, chances of the fast and successful decision are rather great.

In this update we have removed these two errors, and we have added the new abilty into SA palette of tools.

The ability to obtain/get the first derivative of any signal, which is loaded in SA, have being added. The competent combination of this possibility with other tools, in some cases, expands the analysis, allowing to receive considerably better results.

There is the example on the picture, which shows an application of the first derivative, for obtaining more accurate and clear ACF picture, after quadrature detector.

The first derivative in DSP, at the general case/image, is approximated well enough by a difference of the adjacent samples of the signal.

As a whole, the first derivative can be interpreted as UPF with the special characteristic. Repeated application of this function is equivalent to obtaining of high-order derivative. I have to notice, that in practice it is extremely rare occurences, as already the first derivative received by method of multiply function application, in strict mathematical sense is not fully correct.

The signal-envelope sometimes is very informative by itself, but presence of a constant component frequently masks/hides various features. Using of the first derivative of the signal's envelope as the material for analysis, can strongly help in such cases. As it is shown on the example.

Good Luck~
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