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SA update to version v

We have added a cross-correlation function(CCF) in this update.

In a difference from ACF, CCF function, in some cases, can provide more information about a signal or the selected fragment.

After CCF launching, the cross correlation of the selected fragment of a signal between V-markers and whole record is calculated. It is shown typical on the picture, and it is certainly far not just one example of CCF usage.

As it is not difficult to notice, the selected fragment, enters as a component into all units of the signal on the record, and the position of this part is precisely defined on peaks of CCF resmult. The maximum peak will correspond to position of an initial fragment, as correlation in this case is 100 %. It is problematic enough to find out this singularity by other methods.

As usual, some bugs, which has been found out by users are eliminated, a range of internal functional improvings is realized.

Good luck~
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