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Update SA to version v

This is planned update SA.


Added possibility insert the saved path to the file/directory. This is really handy because sometimes a very long way, and clicking on directories rather tedious, easier to insert from the clipboard.


Added the possibility of fast increase in the desired part of the signal in the WF module. Fragment between V-markers scaled over the entire window.


Function of oversampling uses parallel computing, in general, it increases the speed and quality.

Quality resampling improved by revising the algorithm and its optimization.

The examples old and current solutions.

Extreme caution should be taken with to any external processing program. As minimum all need thorough inspection and testing, otherwise You may experience various unpleasant incidents, such as this one.

SA provides accuracy of 1 Hz resampling at sampling rates up to 100 MHz.

In fact, precision in 1 Hz is not a fundamental limitation, and the internal procedures of SA uses precision oversampling in fractional values SR, if needs.


In the OFDM module, function of "Find CT" also uses parallel computing.

As well as the usual fixed various minor problems.

Good Luck~
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