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Разместил (Author): SergUA6 6.0
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Important! It is assumed that you have read the description of SA, and understand that the license key is purchased for a single computer. Also, it is assumed that you have received Hardware ID of the computer, or from the SA free(window About), or SA full not registered.

SA - Licensing agreement and Terms of Use.

Author is not responsible for any possible damage to any data and malfunction of the computer, where SA is installed and where it’s not installed.

After purchasing the registration key for SA full, you can use SA full only on the computer, for which this key was generated.

SA free is allowed only for noncommercial purposes, to derive benefit from using SA free is forbidden. Using SA free does not require any keys and does not imply any restrictions on free distribution.

The code decompilation and modification of SA and SA free by third-party individuals with any purposes is forbidden.You may not use SA full version without legal registration key. Using of the legal registered version SA in professional or other commercial activity is allowed, but without the right of resale or transfer SA program to other persons.

Purchasing the legal registration key for SA full, means possibility of further upgrades, as these upgrades will appear.

Version SA free, is not supported and not maintained by the author, SA free is supplied "as is".

By installing any version of SA on any computer, you are automatically accept all the terms and conditions of use and license agreement, otherwise just delete SA or SA Free.


Often there is a necessity to acquire/get 7-12-15 or more SA licenses, for example for some educational institution or computer classes. For such cases we have added one more type of the license - Purple license. This license has no fixed amount of keys by default, the amount of keys should be specified and paid by user. The amount should not be less than 5 keys. We are hope, that this type of license will help to solve some questions concerning SA acquisition.

Purple License - five and/or more SA keys => Click here!

With 06 June 2010, four license types are introduced. Each license type corresponds to it's special colour: Red, Yellow, Orange and Green.

Green License - four SA keys => Click here!

Yellow License - three SA keys => Click here!

Orange License - two SA keys => Click here!

Red License - one SA key => Click here!

Depending on license type (except Red license), we send additional keys on ID specified by user. You may use additional keys at once, or save possibility to use/request them in future, in a case of various force-majeures.

All users who bought SA utill June, 06th 2010, are automatically translated into Green license. Further we will work only within the limits of these four types of licences.

There is no any great changes, only new possibilities has been opened. We suppose that some people were thinking " why i get two keys while i need only one?", or maybe "i'd like to buy more keys at once". Now there is the choice :-)

If You want to update an old version of SA to newest version, then You don't need to download all updates in order. You only need to download the latest version of SA aswel.

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