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The updating of SA from version to version.
Small updating VMW module.
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The updating of SA from version to version.

Updating affects VMW module. The Standard enough situation is represented on the pictures below.

The ACF value is received, and there is a necessity to see the signal itself with this development after the phase detector.
In the old versions it was necessary to instal/specify this value in VMW module by slider, at that the slider is not intended for this purpose, because it allows to set approximate values of an interval of decomposition very roughly.

In version the last measurement in WF module is remembered as default value for VMW module.

In addition, the possibility of operative changing of decomposition interval in line, by direct correction in the field of indication(as it shown on the image), is added.

The left-mouse-click on the digit is increasing the value by one, the right-mouse-click is decreasing the value by one.

New possibility supplements the old methods of regulations in VMW module, providing more flexible and convenient functionality as a whole.

Good Luck.
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