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SA Updateing to version
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SA Updateing to version.

We have added two fields in the window of results.

Br - it is the last (it is importent) measured value by Measurement of Freq function in the
working/operating window
Sc - it is the last (it is importent) measured value by Measurement of Freq function in the exponnantion in degree/reciveneing of harmonics Module.

It allows to automate a little operation with the program, or at least to make it easier.

The remembered values are used as a default settings, everywhere where it is possible. The Function of values storage is built in for a long time already, but now it is simply visualised. As for a long time, the mechanism of usage of these remembered values was described also, nevertheless, it is considered completely not superfluous to repeat, where and how these values are used.

Br - is used as value of the frequency of the cut LPF after phase/frequency detector (it can't be specified lesser then 30 Hz).

Br - is used as value of the clock frequency of synchronization (clock of synchro) for Phase Plane module
Sc - is used as value of carrier frequency for Phase Plane module.

In this case, after Phase Plane module launching, it is necessary to load only an initial file, to put out n-ary and to press button Start.

The last measured value of time interval (dT) in WF module is used by default (if it possible depends of situation) for VMW unit. The order of operations can be any, it is only important to remember that measurement of all listed parametres, for their usage as by default, should be the last. That is any other new measurement will automatically re-write the previous one. It is also necessary to understand that initialization by these values occurs only by call/launching of those or other modules. In the already launched modules, these values are not vary automatically.

The ability to change all these values in regular order in any time is ramained, in limits of the usual work with the program.

Reset of all values occurs only at closing of current session of the analysis. If you close files manually, then all remembered values are saved, it is also necessary to remember.

The number of minor problems, which were detected is removed and the problems are solved.

Thanks to everyone who have time to inform us about problems and help us to solve them.

Good luck.
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