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Разместил (Author): SergUA6 6.0
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SA update to version v

We completely have changed loading of files in SA to provide support of 24 and 32 bit records. Though, in This version loading of 24 and 32 bit files is not supported yet, the loading module is optimised and prepared for solution of this task. The standard explorer is not completely correspond to necessary requirements, especially if operation with SA carries active, not incidental character.

Generall view of SA own explorer:

The standard functions are realized, the detailed description of them is not required, but nevertheless , the main possibilities are shown below.

Through PopUp menu it is possible to switch ON/switch off Hot track, to be honost it is doubtful function, mostly disturbs than helps, but in some cases it can be very useful. Also through this menu, it is possible to make at any time Update, it can be necessary, for example, if there is the selected file, and it is not visible in a mapping window by any reasons, for instance, it is placed in the end of the long list, after Update activated it will be shown.

Especially I would like to mark support of multi-channel records in this loader: maximum quantity of channels from which it is possible to select any is 16, it is not principle limitation and if there will be a necessity, the high bound can be lifted.

Fast search in a filename part works.

Some features and nuances:

In the right window the express information about file is outputed. If at construction of the list of files, the program is oriented on file's extension, then in this window the information, which is based on general analysis of contained file is outputed. That is, if wav file has txt extension at the choice of such file it will be identified as wav, and accordingly it will be also loaded as wav.

The information about standard wav files is outputed by white colour, standard for SA considered wav files with Wave Tag = 1, with digit capacity 16 bits on sample and mono. All other records demand special attention, and sometimes special approach, the information about such files is output by yellow colour, and it is the original sign to pay attention on the record, as on potentially problem and probably illiquid.

Changes of loading of files in SA are not only external, the algorithm of processing of all types of files is completely reconsidered and processed. In all previous versions there is typical enough and widespread error at standard interpretation wav as specifications, that does not give possibility to handle some quite correct wav files. In this version this error is corrected, in this connection I'd like to mark that files saved in SA version and above, will not be correctly processed neither in SV, nor SV+, neither SA Free, nor SA Full lower versions. Once again, the problem is not in "the bad" or specially "spoilt" files, but in incorrect interpretation of the standard wav. SA saves files in strict correspondence of the specification, and these files are obliged to understand any programs, which are working with wav standard.

The next update will mention directly loading of 24 and 32 bit records, in this version the important and scale enough preparatory part, including optimisation of the code and correction of some errors in processing both wav, and mp3 standards is realised

Good Luck~
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