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Signals Analyzer`s (SA) description in English
All about Signals Analyzer.
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SA - it is high quality of sonograms, effective and convenient adjustment of parameters of displaying. High accuracy, precision and easiness of measurements.

SA - is the excellent phase viewer with the unique possibilities and features.

SA - it is full control over the process of analyzing the signal, you exactly know what to do and can be sure of this.

SA - it is an excellent choice for the true and real analysis of the signals. Gaining SA today, you provide yourself with the perfect tool on the future.

About the project SA.

On-line help SA.

How-to-use-SA? The demo clips.

SA download now! The basic version, demo version and updates.

How to buy the SA, and where?

*** The articles on the analysis, detailed analysis of examples of real signals. ***

Analysis OFDM with CP in SA versions - a pre-processor of calculator K.


Signals Analysis in SA version v

Perspectives of the analysis of OFDM signals with CP

The short manual/guide about the analysis of various OFDM signals in SA versions

Examples of using MFSK dem in SA v

OFDM analysis in SA version

An output from discriminator and program processing.

Parameters of OFDM signals.

Relative modes of phase manipulation.

APCO-25, is qualitative decoding possible from discriminator's output?

Record, record and record once again.

SA - Phase plane. Angles measuring.

SA - how to work with OFDM module. Examples.

SA OFDM module, constellations in channels. Part 3.

SA and I/Q records.

SA - OFDM module, FFT spectrum. Part 2.

SA - OFDM module, Magic triangle. Part 1.

MT-63 and some other non standard(pseudo) OFDM signals.

The example of analysis of the real signal. QAM-16.

The signals analysis. The real signal Chinese serial modem.

Small non-technical F.A.Q. about SA

Record for the following analysis.

FSK, GFSK, MSK, GMSK and some other modes

The classical analysis of OFDM signals.

The example analysis of OFDM signal.


Our SA blog on English!

Here You will find:

1) tricks and features of the signals analysis (applied on the REAL signals)
2) concepts and methods of the signals analysis
3) description of SA updates and new features
4) description and parameters of interesting and hard signals
5) regulary updated and interesting information and much more
6) articles HOW-TO do signals analysis on the REAl examples
7) and much much more!

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