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SA update to version v

We certainly cannot guarantee SA work under various emulators, including virtual machines, but nevertheless, for rather popular in LINUX environment WINE, something is already done.

In the current version, we have corrected everything that depends on us, to make SA work more or less correct in WINE. Althought, we can't solve part of problems, because these are not SA problems, but WINE problems.


The format of demo files is reconsidered. Thereupon, the old format is not supported by the current version.

Support of colour scale in comments is added.

Grey colour - the comment is not actual in the present moment of time.
Yellow colour - the new comment.
Light blue (Aqua) - the comment is carried out.

There is the pause in 5 seconds after each comment. This time should be enought to read the comments.

Interruption of the demo, is reazlied throught "Space" key as before. The program supervises possibility of interruption of the demo, and in case of impossibility to stop the demo right now, it warns about it.

The previous demo clip in the new format is here. Also added small demo for check version SA. We do not plan to change format further, as in the current format, possibility of the future expansions is put in advance.


Possibility of virtual/analytical shift of a signal by frequency is added in OFDM module.

The sense is that absolutely exact shift on a step, which is multiple to a grid of channeles, sometimes is required at analysis of OFDM signals. In cases of fractional values of the step, to realize it physically is hard enought, besides it demands presence of free space on/by frequency.

Virtual shift guarantees absolutely exact displacement and, because it is done purely analytically, it does not require neither signal redigitization, nor presence of free space, that is especially important if it is nessecary to shift the signal on 10-30-100 channels upwards or downwards.

Virtual shift, is actual for signals of model A, on signals of B model, this ability is blocked, as it is not necessary in this case. There will be separate article about it.


In generall, providing functioning SA under WINE (in reasonable limits ofcourse), we have solved weight of small implicit problems as a whole. But nevertheless, SA is intended to work under high-grade OS, where we can guarantee something.

Good luck~
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