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SA update to version
Changes in OFDM module.
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SA Update to version v

Changes has been added in OFDM module operation.

Algorithm of search of a correlative triangle has been also changed. Current implementation of this algorithm successfully enough copes with the short signals.

Function of obtaining of exact value of clock frequency is updated. Now, this function solves two tasks: besides obtaining of the clock frequency, the task of obtaining of an optimal position of the signal by frequency is solving. It does automatically translates the triangle in the necessary positive polarity. All that demands some time, so no need to be nervous:-) Because some pauses (till 3-5 seconds) in operation of "Get Br" function are possible. The pauses depend on many factors: from sampling rate of a signal, from its position on frequency, from the sizes LS and LG, and etc.

In generall, the program solves wide enough range of tasks in an automatic mode. From the user it is required only to situate the triangle in "a good" position and to call function "Get Br", and it is not important if there will be the positive triangle or negative, the program itself will translate the triangle into the necessary type, through search of optimal shift by frequency.

It is necessary to note that shift by frequency isn't precise because precision isn't necessary, while it is very close to optimal value, from the point of view of the program certainly.

All these changes and additions are preliminary preparation of the module for the decision of the primary task: obtaining LS and LG values of concrete signal, Within the limits of our ideas, which were described in the article Parameters of OFDM signals.

Some minor problems had been found out by users and solved by us.

The more detailed information of operation with OFDM signals in version will be described in separate article.

Good luck~
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