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Разместил (Author): SergUA6 6.0
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All last versions SA, at installation create "Demo" folder, and now the time to use this folder the for purpose has come. All that is necessary, it is to unpack archive into "Demo" folder and to start SA on file playing.

It should look like this:

Loading demo files into SA via menu 'Demo"

After check-up and loading of the demo file, wiil be shows panel with buttons "Play", "Exit" and field for comments will appear.

After start through "Play" button, it is necessary to watch what is occurring:-) it is not recommended to touch the mouse, as the mouse is actively used in the demo, and manual mouse moving can cause problems with demo playing.

Correct interruption of the demo is carried out through a key "Space", at the first possibility the demo will be stopped. Reaction to a key is not instant, so do not be nervous and do not panic.

Theoretically the user can stop the actions demo playing, do not worry nothing terrible will happen, simply close the program, and open it again. And try do not disturb the process of demo playing further. :-)


Demo clips in owner format of SA:

Review Bottom Bar of tools SA.

Review Top Bar of tools SA.

Check version SA, registered or not registered.

Review owner SA loader of files/records.

*** The old format demo *.avi a not support now.

Demo clip that shows how to use ISD corrector.

Demo clip that shows how to get frequency parameters of THROB signal.
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