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SA update version
Fixed of detected errors and some changes.
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Разместил (Author): SergUA6 6.0
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Updating of SA to version.

The general changes and additions:

1) Division of the waveform into colours. The colour shows where it is possible to spend frequency measurements and where it is impossible.
Simple call of WF module does not assume any measurements, in this case the colour of the graphic is light blue, and the colour of the histogram is green.

2) WF unit call, after operation of phase detecting, is intended and allows to spend frequency measurements: in this case colour of the schedule of waveform is green, and the histograms color is yellow. It allows to be oriented easily, what functions are accessible, and what are not present. Also in this mode the value Hz/Pixel is deduced, that allows to estimate and operatively to pick up the necessary accuracy/presicion. Basically accuracy in 1-2 hertz is enough. The necessary accuracy is provided automatically in some sence, on the narrow-band signals the accuracy is higher, than on broadband signals, in any case, the more the size of a working window and the more scale of the graphic the better and more exact results.

3) AOF module is blocked, this module is liquidated. All functions of AOF module are completely fulfilled in Expanded WF module with much more high speed, and with much better quality and efficiency. The About window is modified, now there are direct links on appropriate resources, it does look much better.

4) The number of problems, which I was informed about is solved. The part from them were serious enogh, these are various incidents within very intensive work with several signals in the program. Thanks to everyone who informed me.

5)There is the temp folder for temporary files in the working directory of the program. This folder is needed because, as it has appeared in the course of active operation with SA - the various files of sort 123323214890.wav are accumulating, and the result size of these temporary files can reach the impressive value. One of users has informed us that for week of work he got about 200 mbytes of such temprorary garbage. It is not good. From version this folder is automatically cleared after work with SA is finished.

Good luck.
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