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SA update to version
This is planned updating
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SA update to version v

This is planned updating

The new element in the general options is added.

Internal management of markers is reconsidered. Appearance and the size of the markers has been changed.

It is problematic enough to surely catch the markers by mouse with the thickness in 3 pixels, on the big monitors. Although it is required not so often, it may cause some inconveniences.

Correct independent work of two and more Phase Plane modules is realized. Some users actively use this possibility, and in old versions it worked not correctly.

We also prepeared the demo clip, which shows how to work with the bottom panel of tools. In this clip, we finish the review of the basic SA working window, and in The further we will countine to make demo clips about work with concrete modules.

All demo clips are recommended to be started on monitors with the permission not less then 1024х768 in mode Normal size 96 DPI.

The list of demo files of own SA format are located in special section of the site => Video examples on use SA.

Good Luck~
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