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SA update to the version v

We continue to increase SA power and abilities, we expand possibilities of OFDM module of the analyzer in this update.

1. In display of OFDM signal spectrum small pedestal/platform in 10 pixels is added. It allows to see all line of channels current/investigated LU.

2. Possibility to display on phase planes only every second, the third etc. symbols is added.

3. Possibility to shift/replace a start point is added during dynamic mapping. In a combination with the previous element, it allows to find out/study rather effectively various special channels/symbols in signals.

As an example there is one service channel of signal WinDrm is shown below.

For comparing it is shown as it looks/looked in old versions.

Important! The second and third points of updates, work only in a dynamic mode!

This update considerably expands analysis OFDM signals, bringing it on qualitatively higher level.

Small manual on the technician of OFDM analysis by means of current version SA are described in the article:

The short manual/guide about the analysis of various OFDM signals in SA versions

Good Luck ~
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