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Signals Analyzer – it is the program, which is designed for the very qualitative analysis of different signals. The main area of SA application is the analysis of unknown or unclear, strange signals. The overwhelming majority of the existing analyzers do not have powerful and convenient possibilities for the real qualitative analysis. Such analyzers are providing poor set of tools, or even reducing the analysis to simple sort out of the known signals in real time. Such approach, first of all, does not provide reliability of the analysis, and in the second, it does make the analysis of really unknown or distorted signals impossible. SA is the multi-discipline offline analyzer. SA does not limit possibilities of an analyst. The number of the unique tools and solutions bring out the SA program in absolutely other class of analyzers, giving to analytics possibilities, which are unavailable in other products, and allows to take precise characteristics of FSK, MFSK, PSK, QAM, OFDM signals and of their various combinations and modifications.

SA gives an ability to work with both *.wav files, which are standardly used as a working material, and I/Q data(I/Q is surely very progressive),which is widely adopted in SDR technology and various receiving complexes.

SA full – or just SA, is the commercial version of the program. Get SA full here. It requires a key. The key is purchased in the online shop Plimus. Don't use SA without rgistration/license key, all results will very very distortions. All the examples and descriptions of the various methods of the signal analysis are refer only to the full legal version of SA.

Get SA free here. Download SA free, install and work. The part of functions in this version is not available. SA free and SV+, are not intended for commerce, that is you cannot use it in the professional work/business, you cannot to carry out the paying analysis by using SA free and SV+, in other words, any paying activities by using SA free and SV+ are forbidden.
SA free is the full substitute of SV+, which has some better changes and additions, for example: support of Drag-and-Drop technology, more convenient maker’s control and some other details. There is also 12-symbols HEX number is displayed in the About window, this number allows further to buy the key for the full commercial version SA through the online shop Plimus.

I underline, before purchase license kye, You must get Hradware ID, or from SA free, or from SA full not registered.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the beta-testers, for the priceless assistance in debugging and testing SA, and of course, I’d like to thank the Administration of the resource( for assistance and technical support for the project’s development.

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